Detection & Evaluation

As a member of the National Molecular Sieve Standardization Committee, Luqiang has systematic detection and evaluation capabilities for molecular sieves. Relying on professional R&D team and technical platform, Luqiang uses standardized and professional technologies to promote the transformation of technology innovation, to ensure products conformity, and to save costs for customers.

Luqiang provides customers with systematic detection services of molecular sieve to continuously monitor product quality and ensure products conformity.

         -    Granularity Distribution

         -    Attrition Rate

         -    Bulk Density

         -    LOI

         -    Static Adsorption Capacity

         -    Dynamic Adsorption Capacity

         -    Pore Size Distribution

         -    pH

         -    etc.

 Luqiang provides customers with performance evaluation services of molecular sieve to ensure product suitability, avoid industrial risks, and provide solutions.


         -    Crystal Structure

         -    Inorganic Component Analysis

         -    Organic Compounds Analysis

         -    Performance Evaluation of Fixed Bed

         -    Performance Evaluation of Fluidized Bed

         -    Pilot Scale Evaluation of adsorbents

         -    etc.