R & D Strength

Shanghai Luqiang New Materials Co., Ltd, located in Shanghai Waigang Second Industrial Park of Jiading District, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in development and manufacture of porous materials. After years of development, Luqiang has become a scientific and technological industrialization base with fundamental research, process development, engineering and product application development fully integrated. It has achieved outstanding results in R&D, production, marketing and management.

Independent innovation is held essential by Luqiang with cooperative development as a supplement. Relying on the company's professional technical service platform of functional porous materials, we independently undertook more than 20 scientific projects. Meanwhile, we establish a good long-term cooperative relation with scientific research institutes, universities and related enterprises. The R&D team has gained abundant technological achievements and experience in the field of scientific development and industrial application of Molecular Sieves.On the base of outstanding innovation work, Luqiang’s R & D platform has been appraised as Molecular Sieve Engineering Technology Center by the China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Federation.

Luqiang has created a high quality technical team through the continuous training and talent introduction. In this high-quality knowledge-based team, 62% of them have master or higher degrees, including 45% of them with engineer or senior engineer. This team combining a research oriented and industrially experienced enables fast development of an industrially advanced and mature product. More than ten new products and multiple key technologies have been developed which solves engineering and technical problems in many application fields and promotes multi-industry development.

Luqiang lays stress on technology innovation and has attached great importance to protect the intellectual property with sustainable competitive advantages. Up to October 2018, Luqiang has been granted 26 authorized invention patents and 9 registered trademarks.