Industrial Status

Innovate technical standards     Establish industry benchmark

Subcommittee 6 on Molecular Sieves of National Technical Committee 105 on Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners of Standardization Administration of China (Molecular Sieves Standardization Committee for short) is a professional technical institution of standardization, which has been authorized by the SAC in 2009. The Committee number is SAC/TC105/SC6. It is responsible for developing the standardization development plan; organizing the development and revision of national or trade standards related to molecular sieves.

As a member of Molecular Sieves Standardization Committee and major standard-file-drafting unit, Luqiang has a strong sense of responsibility for promoting the healthy development of the industry. Relying on the R&D platform, Luqiang provides a lot of technical support for standardization, which could improve the overall quality of molecular sieves and strengthen the market competitiveness of the molecular sieves industry.

As of August 2021, Luqiang has participated in the drafting of 10 national standards and 11 trade standards related to molecular sieves.